2013: The Year of the Evolving Agency

20 Feb 2013

Last week, the Reuters Agency team kicked off 2013 with a three-day global sales conference. Held in Miami, the conference brought together over 100 global representatives from sales, editorial, product, business development and marketing. The three days were action packed with hands-on panels and collaborative Q&A discussions including one with Stephen Adler, newly named President and Editor-in-Chief of Reuters. Sessions were also held with customers and prospective customers—a first in the history of Reuters sales conferences. Steven Schwartz, the Managing Director of the Agency business noted that “there was a ton of energy and enthusiasm,” and that “you cannot take for granted the value of face to face collaboration.”

So what does 2013 look like for our customers?

The sessions that took place ranged from What does the future of Reuters look like? to What is the next great idea for this business that could be carried out in 2013? There was a clear, common theme among the customer insights presented at the conference–ultimately, a rapidly changing media landscape requires an adaptable news agency. It was also clear that the existing strengths of the business will continue to evolve as Agency leaders seek to understand the top priorities of their customers, build  partnerships, and ‘change with’ the clients they serve.

Overall, it was an eye-opening and motivating few days that brought together the talent, thought contributors, and minds that will help bring the evolving media industry into the future.

The featured video for this post was shown in the opening meeting of the Agency Sales Conference 2013.