This Month’s Top News Around Reuters Agency in 1.5 Minutes

05 Feb 2013

With Sara Aiello, Digital Marketing Manager, Reuters Agency

Look no further than our Agency Top 5 series, where in 90 seconds you’ll get the inside scoop on the top 5 most important, interesting and relevant updates around Reuters Agency this month. Here are our Top 5 from January.

Starting at number five, save as you browse: Now available on Media Express, you have the ability to save any content to a personal folder for future viewing and downloading, also known as the new collections tab.

And number four, the launch of a new online video service, Reuters Source Video, which gives our customers access to raw video content. Video how you want it and when you want it, allowing you to customize the video experience for your viewers.

At three, on the horizon, new, improved multimedia packages which means more slideshows, video and content for you to choose from in a ready-to-publish format. You’ll also see improved content search and functionality on Media Express with an enhanced metadata capability.

And at number two, the launch of the new and improved Reuters pictures website, for professional image buyers, which includes a completely new user interface and many other enhancements, all based upon feedback from you. Visit and view this transformation for yourself.

And last but not least on the Agency Top 5 This Month: The launch of Inside Agency, our blog on ‘the new, the know, and the now’ around Reuters and the media industry. Join the conversation with us at