The Blizzard Effect: Creating a Buzzworthy Moment

13 Feb 2013

Reuters photojournalist Brian Snyder’s photo of a Boston woman trying to stave off snow from a major blizzard received wide media play this past weekend. The picture appeared on the front pages of at least six newspapers, from the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Orlando Sentinel. The blizzard, dubbed “Nemo,” dumped several feet of snow in the U.S. northeast and caused wide power outages.

Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Vice President of Pictures for Reuters News Agency said, “The phenomenal impact of Brian Snyder’s picture of an individual struggling against nature demonstrates how, when the elements of great news photography come together, a picture can stand out amongst tens of thousands. It gives us great pleasure to see how Reuters strong reporting of recent stories, Nemo, Hurricane Sandy and Newtown, CT has given our photographers stellar visibility on US stories in top US media.”

Behind the Buzz

Thomas Szlukovenyi, the News Pictures Editor for Reuters North America, recognizes the competitive market and says, “We often take it for granted that our pictures have great play on the front pages of newspapers around the world, but it is very gratifying when our success is recognized and pointed out in the hyper competitive US market.”

This particular occasion has a created buzz far beyond just cover fame as Brian himself has been featured on the Huffington Post and Poynter.

If you’d like to see Brian’s behind-the-scenes blog post, please visit our photographers blog here.