3 Reasons Why Twitter was Media MVP at Super Bowl XLVII

03 Feb 2013
Reuters/Max RossiReuters/Max Rossi

1) Twitter supplied additional, insightful commentary, and as expected, provided a platform for individual personalities representing major media outlets to shine. The added snarky real-time tweets alongside the live broadcast made it clear that Beyoncé wasn’t the only person on fire. It seems the opportunity for major media companies of having individuals to represent their brand via social media is one that can’t be missed. For example, @piersmorgan proved to be quite entertaining.


2) During the blackout, football, broadcasting stopped but Twitter did not. It wasn’t just the lights that went out, it was the live broadcast. While half of the viewers were wondering if this was an advertisement for the new Batman movie, the other half flocked to Twitter and capitalized on the power outage. As it quickly became clear people were concerned about their safety, some major media outlets tweeted updates about the blackout they were receiving from reporters and hosts they had on the ground. Some even offered a little light humor about the situation, while others may have missed all the Twitter updates during the blackout completely.

3) Almost all major media outlets used the ‘3 post’ (which became 4 post) approach to Twitter during the game. It was a simple, winning formula. Most media outlets tweeted a combination of highlights from the pre-show, halftime, blackout, and then post-game. With a captive audience on Twitter, they knew they were going to get quite a few eyes wanting to see more.

Bottom line, the game was close for the teams playing, but Twitter was the clear MVP in the media spectrum.

Who was your favorite media personality tweeting during the game?