Introducing Reuters Best: News Agency Edition

18 Jun 2013

Last week, Reuters News Agency launched a newsletter specifically catered to the media and news agency industry.

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Reuters Best is a weekly round up of content from market-moving scoops and exclusive interviews to investigative reports and insightful commentary. You can subscribe to receive this complimentary, weekly email here

Check out the first edition which launched last week:

CONVERSATION STARTER – Namibia doesn’t often enter the world’s soccer consciousness, but through an interview with coach Ricardo Mannetti, Reuters revealed that a video game has put the team on the road to World Cup glory. Mannetti was a seasoned player who never dreamed of coaching, but after hours of playing the video game, “Football Manager,” his interest was piqued. Now, he aims to lead Namibia to an upset victory that will keep alive their hopes of qualifying for next year’s finals in Brazil.  

PHOTO AND VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Reporting on one of the biggest stories of the week, Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis and Video News teams in Turkey captured volatile moments during clashes in  Taksim Square. A Reuters photograph shows an explosion igniting on a barricade, hurling debris high into the air. The video team delivered strong live coverage and edited material of the clashes.

GENERAL – In a Reuters column, leading NSA expert Jim Bamford explains that Washington has been building a secret surveillance state for nearly a century. We now live in an era when access to someone’s email account and web searches can paint a more detailed picture of their life then most personal diaries. Bamford argues that secret agreements between intelligence agencies and communications companies should not be allowed in a democracy.  There is too much at risk.

GENERAL – Reuters took a hard look at how France’s growing housing shortage is fueled by red tape and long-standing policies to protect tenants. Homeless charities estimate 3.6 million people lack somewhere decent to live and experts say as many as 7 percent of all apartments in Paris are vacant. The issue is at the center of a political battle as Europe’s second biggest economy struggles to get to grips with the problem.

Check out the rest of the first Reuters Best Edition…

BUSINESS – How scary is Huawei? That’s the question Reuters Breakingviews posed after the UK became the latest country to raise concerns about the Chinese telecom equipment maker. Politicians fear it could be used as a Trojan horse by the Chinese government. The conclusion: Huawei is largely mistrusted because of China, and there’s not much the company can do to remedy that. By opening up its board to foreigners, and by appealing more directly to consumers, Huawei may be able to dial down the fear factor.

POLITICS – In a wide-reaching investigative piece, Reuters revealed that the relationship between Iran and the U.S. is more complex than commonly understood.   Based on interviews with diplomats, current and former government officials, intelligence sources and well-connected academics, Reuters in-depth report shows how infighting in Iran and suspicions in the U.S have blocked attempts to thaw relations.

POLITICS – Reuters explored why North Korea, just days after re-establishing a phone line with Seoul, is now refusing to answer it. Unpredictable Pyongyang had called for talks in order to try to reopen a joint industrial park that it closed in April after threatening the South with nuclear annihilation. Reuters explains how the meetings broke down over disagreement around the seniority of delegates and looks at what options both sides now have.

LIFESTYLE – With art auctioneers in London pinning their hopes on “uber-collectors” to boost sales, Reuters took a look at who will be buying at the summer auctions. High-end art sales have continued to break records despite weakness in a battered euro zone and slowing Chinese economic growth. But New York will be tough to beat after Christie’s spring auction achieved a record-shattering $495 million.

ENTERTAINMENT – Broadcasting live from the premiere of Brad Pitt’s movie “World War Z” in London, Reuters TV secured one of the first interviews with Angelina Jolie since she announced her double mastectomy. The Oscar-winning actress and mother of six spoke of her desire to promote women’s health issues while her partner, Pitt, spoke of his pride in the film and also in Jolie for deciding to have a mastectomy for the sake of their family and to share her experience.