For our customers: Multimedia Coverage of Tiger Woods Hitting Balls from Asia to Europe

05 Nov 2013
U.S. golfer Woods hits a shot during an event to promote the upcoming Turkish Airlines Open golf tournament, on the Bosphorus Bridge that links the city's European and Asian sides, in Istanbul

Today, November 5th, Reuters filmed, shot, and covered the historic moment of Tiger Woods becoming the first golfer to hit golf balls from east to west off The Bosphorus Bridge, which spans the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, thus connecting the continents of Europe and Asia.

The 37-year-old struck several shots from the iconic structure in a special Istanbul photo shoot.”To be the first golfer to do this was very cool,” said Woods. “To see the Bosphorus for the first time was a memorable experience.”

After capturing the big event, Reuters also filmed a one-to-one TV interview with Tiger and Reuters Senior Sports Editor, Tony Jimenez, in which the world famous golfer talks to us ahead of his participation in this week’s Turkish Airlines Open (which will take place in Antalya, southern Turkey, between November 7 to 10), as well as reflects on his five victories in 2013 and looks ahead to his plans for 2014.

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