New Realities at News Xchange 2013

05 Dec 2013

Opening of NX13

The annual News Xchange conference is one of the biggest of the year for Reuters, and this year’s event in Marrakech, Morocco was no exception. Over 500 delegates came together to share, learn and collaborate, ranging from top executives from the world’s leading news organizations to aspiring journalism students and hopeful start-ups. This year’s theme, “New Realities”, sparked discussions about all things current: digital innovation and high tech storytelling, user generated content, big data, cyber security and more. (Check out Reuters opening video for News Xchange here.)

Exterior of conference

The event was highlighted by talks led by leaders in the journalism world, including Christiane Amanpour (CNN) who reminded us that “listening, respecting and understanding is essential for good journalism”. The audience was captivated by an interactive and passionate presentation by Dr. Hans Rosling, a Swedish doctor, academic and statistician who has the unique skill of bringing data to life. Dr. Rosling presented his ongoing research on national wealth and health and everything in between, to give us the big picture of global development.

DMcD pops a question

Keeping in tune with the theme of “New Realities,” Reuters’ Tim Santhouse hosted a session titled “Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall,” delving into the very real and current threat of internet hackers.  Santhouse was joined by Tim Pool, Producer for VICE Media, and David Jones, Head of Information Security at the BBC, to look at the damage caused by cyber attacks, both financially and to a brand’s reputation. With cyber attacks on the rise, now is the time for individual media companies to come together as an industry and find common defenses against a shared threat.

Reuters cafe

You can view more highlights here

If there’s one thing we take away from News Xchange every year, it is just how proud we are to be a part of a talented and inspirational news community.


Photo credits: Andrew Crisp