Reuters partners with ITN Source to make available rare and previously unseen clips

19 Mar 2015

The digitization of the Reuters archive is currently making hundreds of thousands of rare and largely unseen news clips available to producers and viewers around the world. Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider, and ITNSource, the footage licensing division of leading news and multimedia content provider, ITN, are partnering to preserve this unique material for the benefit of future generations.

To date, over 115,000 Reuters clips have already been digitized and published on, expanding the Reuters digital archive to 450,000 clips and counting.

The three-year project is set to finish in 2016, and the most recently digitized material is available to view here.

Ashley Byford-Bates, Global Head of Reuters Pictures and Archive said: “Having our assets in digital format is critical – this gives our clients and prospects a real opportunity to explore, discover and ‘see’ the footage.

“With over 30,000 hours of content now preserved, we can now focus on the really exciting tasks of enabling the exploitation, utilization and development of new programs, projects and partnerships.”

Footage is being digitized from a number of early cinema newsreels including Paramount and Gaumont British which form part of the Reuters collection, plus footage from 1957 to 2006 which formed the Reuters News syndication service.

ITN Source’s researchers have prioritized the digitization of material relevant to upcoming anniversaries and events, such as the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the 70th anniversary of the second Sino-Japanese war, as well as material in response to specific client requests for content relating to active projects.

As part of the programme, ITN Source has also re-catalogued and published a quirky collection from the Reuters vaults from the early 2000s called ‘Reuters Life’, a collection of more light-hearted international coverage around entertainment, lifestyle and culture.

Andy Williams, Managing Director at ITN Source said of the whole project: “The Reuters archive is incredibly popular and we are delighted to play our part in making this fantastic collection far more easily accessible to our clients around the world.”

Take a look at the very latest digitized footage from the Reuters archive here on

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