The Launch of Our World Now & A Chance to Win Your Own Copy

13 May 2013

own6The sixth volume of the bestselling Reuters Our World Now collector’s series, published by Thames and Hudson, officially launches today internationally and on June 11th in the US.

Reuters photojournalists continually bear witness to events as they happen across the globe. Producing some 1600 images a day, their award-winning work pushes the boundaries of news photography. Sometimes surprising, sometimes devastating, always compelling, the images in this book, taken by 143 photographers of 55 nationalities, encompass the drama and diversity of trends and topics that defined the past year.

With an introduction by Reuters European Editor, Paul Taylor, over 300 striking images and behind-the-scenes Witness features, this highly successful series has become an indispensable record of our times and demonstrates the enduring power of visual storytelling.

Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Vice President of Reuters Pictures and picture editor of the series said: “The Our World Now photography book series has become a collector’s item. This success points to the unparalleled global impact of photography, and to our mission at Reuters of journalistic excellence. In Our World Now 6 our photographers captured new struggle for survival in Europe as well as ongoing street battles in Syria and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. They combined key world moments with intimate details, forming a multi-layered visual story that very few have the privilege to tell.”

Win a copy of Our World Now, volume 6

To celebrate this launch, we are awarding 10 lucky people with their own complimentary copy of Our World Now 6. To enter this contest, please fill out the form here.

Also, watch the video showcasing some of the best images from the book.


The Rise of Online Video: Getting The Edge

13 May 2013

Featuring Suzie Reider, Head of Industry Development, YouTube and Andy Plesser, Beet.TV.


Online video consumption is on fire!  Since 2009, advertising spending around online video has doubled each year and is set to continue. In this environment, almost every publisher is investing in compelling video content, and figuring out how it can drive value.

So what does it mean for a news publisher who wants to enter this exploding online marketplace? The right model? Go on YouTube? Use a pay wall? Host your own video content delivery network and ad sales?

We sought guidance from two experts –   Suzie Reider, Head of Industry Development, YouTube and Andy Plesser from Online Video journal, Beet.TV.

First, the context. We asked Suzie to describe what’s happening with YouTube and how behaviors are changing:

“Consumption has become fragmented and viewing patterns have changed – it’s no longer about scheduled programming but now about content on demand. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach the millennial market through a single buy. If you look at Pew Research, less than one-in-five adults under 30 watch cable television news, while over half of people over 65 do,” Reider  says.

“From a publisher perspective, we’re now making nearly as much money per viewership hour showing your content in the U.S. as cable networks make showing their content on TV — without sending anyone a cable bill,” she insists.

Reider is right – viewers are coming to YouTube (see the info-graphic) – and it’s a great leveler. The platform’s incredibly low cost of distribution brings together cute animals or a child’s first steps alongside breaking news content and serious documentary to anyone in the world, on virtually any device.

Recently YouTube has even tried to spark a real content economy by funding start-ups, but news publishers haven’t fared well.  The competition for eyeballs is fierce For news publishers, this is a challenge, but for marketers it may be a dream come true – no more competing for advertising space on prime-time TV – you can reach your target audience directly.

Distribution is so cheap advertisers can create their own content, rivaling what video channel could do on its– think about Red bull and its High Altitude Space Jump.

“YouTube has become a powerful platform for brand marketers because we’re connecting brands to the pulse of what their audiences care most about. We like to think of YouTube as the heartbeat of the marketing plan. It gives you instant feedback, you can collaborate and create free from the confines of a 30 second spot, and our audience can amplify the messages that resonate with them”, Reider says.

Of course news publishers love marketing too, but they need dollars to create content. Can platforms like YouTube deliver?


This Week in Reuters Pictures

09 May 2013

From the Met Gala to the Madrid Open, check out the Top 5 Photos from Reuters Pictures this week.

View more from Reuters Pictures.

Reuters Digitizing its Long Tail to License to Marketers

06 May 2013

Check out Greg Beitchman, our Global Head of Multimedia, speaking with Beet.TV about our “major” program to digitize 25,000 hours of analogue video content.

“It’s sitting in a basement,” Reuters’ global multimedia head Greg Beitchman told Beet.TV in this interview. “If you want that content today, you’ve got to wait three to four days.

“We’re going to bring to bear in the market a lot of stuff over the next two to three years. This is going to help digital publishers and brands tell stories and reach audiences. Publishers want inventory.”

Big, Bold, & Innovative Ideas at CNPA Summit

03 May 2013

Last week Reuters attended the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s (CNPA) Press & Revenue Summit in Universal City, California. This year’s theme was “Big, Bold and Innovative Ideas” and was designed to discuss best practices in media with a focus on substantial revenue gains.  Session topics range from creating a winning sales culture, to the shift to digital, and making money from mobile.

As Reuters continues to expand our domestic news and sports services in the US, it becomes even more imperative that we show our support for local newspapers by attending their regional press association events. According to Melissa Rubinson, a Reuters Global Account Manager who attended the event, “these events help us to establish a presence in the US newspaper community and to better understand our clients’ challenges .” And it’s not just California newspapers that are seeing our support; Reuters representatives have also attended regional conferences in Indiana, Texas, Florida, and Ohio since the launch of the Reuters America service.

High points from the conference included a speech over lunch from Ken Doctor, a leading news industry analyst and author of Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get. As a major voice in US media and a veteran of the digital news industry, Doctor shared a unique overview of the current media landscape.


Preview the New

02 May 2013

On Tuesday, Reuters revealed a sneak peek of its new Web site, offering a preview—as it is being built—of the streamlined design that will showcase the world’s best reporting, photojournalism, video and opinion. The preview of the new site, which comes on the heels of the successful launch of Reuters new iPad and iPhone apps in March, will run alongside the existing Reuters site until the new site officially launches later this year.

The new Reuters site brings the app experience to the Web and was designed from the ground up expressly with users’ news consumption habits in mind. News stories are put into context with a rapid flow of news, analysis and market data. This means Reuters articles will be part of a news stream surrounded by the latest related content—from background articles to photography and video to social media—giving users access to a more complete story.

You can check out the preview here—and if you haven’t seen our new apps, you can download them here.

Best of Photojournalism Awards (NPPA) 2013

01 May 2013
REUTERS/Adrees Latif

View the winning images by downloading the complimentary PDF.

The National Press Photographers Association’s (NPPA) Best of Photojournalism awards were recently announced. Renowned as “the contest designed for photojournalists by photojournalists,” the competition attracts the very best in still, video, multimedia, and editing.

Reuters extensive coverage of events in 2012 was recognized with a total of 9 awards.

You can view these winning images by downloading the complimentary PDF.

To find out more about the awards visit:

White House Correspondents Dinner Recap

30 Apr 2013
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The WHCD is one of the largest and most anticipated events in Washington every year, attended by over 2,500 people, including many of the most influential and powerful news makers in the world.  This year’s dinner, held on April 27th, 2013, Thomson Reuters had an impressive list of guests seated at our tables that included top F&R, media and legal clients, as well as celebrities including Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen, The Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner, New York Giants’ Victor Cruz, actress Kathleen Turner, artist Jamie Wyeth and more.

Thomson Reuters also hosted pre- and post-receptions at the Washington Hilton, which drew in an amazing crowd – especially after Conan O’Brien, late-night TV host and headliner of the dinner, took a playful jab at our after-party in his monologue:

“Things are so tough for old media that — this is a true story — Reuters is having its after-party right here at the Hilton. Nothing says ‘we’re having a great year’ like having your after-party at the same table where you just had dinner. With that in mind Reuters is asking everyone to leave a little wine at the bottom of their glass.”

It was quite a laugh, but we weren’t the only ones ‘targeted’ by the famous talk-show host. Everyone from The Huffington Post (“By the way, just before dinner I tried to say a quick hello to Arianna Huffington but she made me watch a 30-second ad first.”) to Matt Drudge (“…Unfortunately Matt Drudge couldn’t make it. He had a prior commitment to teach a web design class in 1997.”) were at the helm of some jokes as well – fortunately, all in good fun.


Top 5 News Graphics of the Month

29 Apr 2013

Check out our top 5 picks of Reuters info-graphics from the month of April. From Margaret Thatcher to the hunt for dark matter, here are this month’s most newsworthy stories in compelling data visuals.

Click on any image to see a zoomed-in view.

1) Graphic showing CERN’s Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and how it works. Scientists said on April 3rd, 2013 they may have detected the first signs of “dark matter”.




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