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26 Apr 2013

This month, Reuters launched Russian Video Report, providing clients with a high quality video service featuring our top global stories as well as locally relevant news, voiced in Russian.

It is projected that in next 5 years, the Russian media market will grow 1.7 times and will be worth close to US$35B. In 2012, Russia overtook the UK and Germany as EMEA’s largest TV advertising market. And by 2014 the Russian media market will overtake Spain to become the 4th biggest market in EMEA.

As Jean-Francois Huertas, Head of Business Development for Reuters in Europe said, “The online market is growing tremendously in the region at a rate seen in western markets six years ago, when internet adoption exploded before the downturn, representing a strong business opportunity for the Reuters Agency in the short and medium term. Russia is now the second biggest online market in Europe, surpassing the UK in 2010 in terms of users. For the first time in 2011, online advertising outperformed print ads, making it Russia’s second-largest media market after TV, capturing 16% of total ad spent in the country.

It is also known that less than half of the Russian population has internet access today. (Only 59.7 million internet users in Russia as of March 2011 or 43% of the population), suggesting a tremendous growth to come – particularly from rural areas where the population is typically less connected.


Top 3 Enhancements to The Wider Image App

24 Apr 2013

Going Wider with our visual storytelling app

The Wider Image app for iPad – an award-winning interactive experience showcasing visual insights by Reuters photographers– has been updated with key enhancements and new features– all driven by your feedback. Here is what’s new:

 Wider Image

Share further

Our #1 reader request. You can now share stories and photographer profiles through Facebook and Twitter. Your friends and followers will be able to preview the story and read the full photographer profile, for example Lucas Jackson.

The share pages adapt to screen size, so work across smartphones, tablets and desktops. When sharing stories on Twitter, your story tweets can expand to show the main image.

Four routes to discover

The toolbar now offers four views to navigate the collection:

  • Latest – view the most recent stories added to the app

  • Explore – browse the entire collection through a world map and timeline

  • Profiles – access over 160 photographer profiles and their stories

  • My View – reflect on your favorite stories and see new stories from the photographers and countries you follow

We have also made several minor design tweaks to put an even greater emphasis on content and to facilitate your navigation through it.

If you haven’t seen them already, don’t miss the Country Profiles. From any story, tap the location to compare the country you are looking at with your own through a data visualization.

When Boston and Social Journalism Collide

18 Apr 2013

The events that happened at the Boston Marathon will not be forgotten as they were all too familiar. As a native of Boston, I couldn’t help but have my eyes glued to every second of coverage, with three TVs in the office, both of my computers capitalized by social feeds flowing one-hundred miles-a-minute and my iPad in my hands. What was so strikingly different about the events that occurred in Boston on Monday was the sheer fact that at the same time we were watching trusted news organizations cover this terrible story, the world was  getting live coverage from every bystander and non-reporter as well. From my Boston Facebook friends posting and sharing their story to photos on my Twitter feed showing some of the most gruesome, non-filtered images of the wounded, I watched the events in horror, hoping that the next picture on Twitter wasn’t as bad as the last one.

While we’ve known  for some time that social media is changing the model of News Agencies, it’s clear there is an opportunity for leveraging social in situations like this.

A great example was the Live Blog that was managed by Anthony De Rosa, Reuters social media editor and Margarita Noriega, the Reuters community manager. Although myself- and likely the rest of the world- were toggling between all of the  major media outlets and my social feeds, I continuously went back to the Live Blog that they were running as it filtered the most accurate tweets and social comments from all of the noise in the social atmosphere.  And I’m sure many people can attest that stories like this can become clouded as it flows through social and people become investigative journalists, which happened on Reddit, and  The Daily Beast also pointed out that misleading facts unfortunately resulted in some news coverage errors. Furthermore, although I follow many news organizations, I do not follow all of them nor do I follow all of the journalists in the world. Luckily for me, the experts who curated the Live Blog do. Ultimately, it was the platform that gathered the most informed social commentary, videos, and photos of the event in real-time.

One could say that although there may be endless amounts of information on the internet and continuous advancements in technology, the Social Journalist is here to stay. However, it seems the world may not be ready for ‘unfiltered’ news curated by that person quite yet: in the end, the ‘semi-filtered’ content that came from Reuters made the headlines.

Check out our montage of the photos that made the headlines.

HTC One® & Reuters – A Personal live stream right on the home screen

18 Apr 2013

The word is out that the new HTC One Android smartphone is unlike any other phone on the market. It’s ultra slim and it  packs a punch when it comes to its rich, loud sound and an UltraPixel camera with one touch, continuous shooting.

But what really sets it apart is its bold new experience. HTC BlinkFeed transforms the home screen into a live stream of personally relevant information such as social updates, entertainment and lifestyle updates, news and photos. All the content that matters to you is in one place, and you can select the social feeds and news sources that will be displayed on your home screen.


To fuel this dynamic approach to the smartphone, the HTC One will offer both local and global content from more than 1,600 media sources with more than 10,000 articles per day from some of today’s most innovative media companies, including Reuters. As a trusted source for news, Reuters’ global perspective makes it a great choice and a natural fit for the HTC One’s global users. Together, Reuters and the HTC One are reshaping and revolutionizing how consumers snack on content on their mobile devices.

Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted international news agencies, and we are pleased to partner with Reuters to provide real-time, high-impact, multimedia news and information to our global HTC One users.” — Drew Bamford, Assistant Vice President, HTC User Experience

Learn more about HTC BlinkFeed™ here.

TBS Launches Segment Using Reuters Market Report Service

16 Apr 2013

The year of the ‘evolving agency‘ continues as Reuters partners with clients across the globe to provide uniquely tailored solutions and support. Just last week, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) – one of the five private key network stations in Japan – launched a  live show, “Business Click” on April 9th, 2013 using real-time Reuters Market Report, a newly launched service from Reuters.

Business Click  highlights the latest financial trends in foreign exchange  and stock  markets with strategists and analysts in Tokyo and New York. Airing every Tuesday night at 0:58 a.m. (JST) for 30 minutes, the show goes live to Reuters studio in New York twice for live updates on the active New York financial markets at the beginning and end of the show.

Using our network of skilled reporters who track global equity, currency and commodity news and industry developments around the clock, the Reuters Market Reports service provides expert overview coverage and key real-time data of the day’s  global stock market activity in all major currencies.


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15 Apr 2013

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Koto-zukuri: Nissan and 21st Century Brand Storytelling

11 Apr 2013

By Dan Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, Nissan Global Media Chief


When I left Thomson Reuters in 2011 to help launch a multimedia unit at Nissan Motor Co., I did not expect our future paths to cross often, as the move to the “dark” side of marketing/communications appeared a world apart from the newswire and video feeds of agency life.

But a funny thing happened on the way to PR perdition. The line in the sand between traditional media and a nascent D-I-Y corporate Fourth Estate was blurring, and the Nissan Global Media Center with its own branded videos, live streams, programs, Tweets and Facebook posts – as well as a team of ex-journalists – was among those redefining who does what for whom.

Certainly, in-house media units and even branded TV had been tried by corporates in the past, often ending in tears or serious doubts about the return on investment.

But companies such as Nissan, or Cisco with “The Network” and its technology-oriented newsroom, looked to elevate their brands or the company’s core interests by creating compelling content that did not bludgeon with infomercial-like self-reverence. Stories could be brand-agnostic, intentionally omitting reference to the parent firm or its competitors, or in Nissan’s case, look to raise the profile of the people, products, technologies and relationships as part of info-tainment.

At Nissan, brand storytelling has been dubbed “koto-zukuri,” complementing the Japanese manufacturers’ mantra of “mono-zukuri” (making things).


Reuters Exclusively Reported Former News Corp Pres Bid $500M for Hulu

08 Apr 2013
Chernin, President and Chief Operating Officer, News Corporation, speaks during 2009 Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills. REUTERS/Phil McCarten

Reuters was alone in reporting that former News Corp president Peter Chernin has bid around $500 million for Hulu, the online video streaming service he helped create in 2007. Read more on the story here.

Last month, Reuters was also first with news that Hulu, jointly controlled by News Corp and Walt Disney Co, had reached out to potential buyers after initially contemplating a deal in which one would buy out the other. Chernin’s bid is the first concrete evidence of interest in Hulu.

Check out the Reuters Best website – a dynamic resource that features Reuters biggest news wins by sector and region.

News Agencies and Social Media: A Relationship with a Future?

03 Apr 2013

Complimentary Whitepaper Download

The last few years have brought many new challenges for news media. The advent of the Internet and the accompanying implementation of new distribution models have radically changed the way journalism is produced and perceived. One aspect of this is social media. Interactive offers like Facebook or Twitter have brought a new dimension and dynamic to news gathering  As traditional news media like newspapers or broadcasters have already adapted to this information and communication tools to a large extent, there is still a big task at hand for news agencies. The question today is: how are news agencies integrating social into their business models? This whitepaper examines how traditional wire services can make use of social media.

In partnership with The University of Oxford, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and sponsored by the Austria Press Agency Alfred Geiringer Fellowship, Mag. Christoph Griessner has done an extensive literature review of recent studies on journalism and social media, accompanied by analysis of five news agencies and interviews with some of their editors and social media experts, providing a look into the future relationship of News Agencies and Social Media.

Download the complimentary Whitepaper

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