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06 Feb 2013

The Voices from Inside the Reuters Agency

Reuters is proud to announce the launch of Inside Agency, the new Reuters News Agency blog providing intel, insights, and conversation on ‘the new, the know, and the now’ around Reuters Agency and the media industry.

“Reuters Agency is fortunate to have strong thought leaders, industry experts, and managers who hear directly from our customers about their growing challenges on a daily basis. Partner those strengths with the breadth and depth of Reuters content, and you’ve got Inside Agency, a platform for sharing interesting, relevant industry ideas and information,” says Emily Moyer, Global Head of Marketing for the Reuters Agency, on the launch of the blog.


This Month’s Top News Around Reuters Agency in 1.5 Minutes

05 Feb 2013

With Sara Aiello, Digital Marketing Manager, Reuters Agency

Look no further than our Agency Top 5 series, where in 90 seconds you’ll get the inside scoop on the top 5 most important, interesting and relevant updates around Reuters Agency this month. Here are our Top 5 from January.


Investigative Power: Long Form Journalism, Long From Dead

05 Feb 2013
REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

Much has been said about the demise of long form journalism in today’s digital world. But is it a valid concern?

“2013 will be a unique snapshot in time: the incumbents, fighting to stave off the disruptors, will invest in original journalism, and the disruptors, fighting to increase their market share, will also invest in original journalism.” So says David Skok, Director of Digital for the Canadian news portal, Globalnews.ca.

He believes that the role of brief pieces of breaking news will remain an element, not a replacement, for traditional journalism. The sentiment is echoed in a recent report from Columbia Journalism School: “There is a place for moderately quickly produced analysis of moderate length. As well as careful, detailed analysis by insiders, for insiders. And so on. Not many organizations, however, can pursue more than a few of these modes effectively, and none that can do all of them for all subjects its audience cares about.”


New Models: A Central Approach to the Connecticut School Shooting

05 Feb 2013

The trend to centralize newsrooms across a publishing group’s footprint is a growing reality in today’s economic climate. But is it also a trend that can actually lead to better coverage of a major news event as was shown during one of America’s darkest days, the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

This horrific event and its aftermath did bring to life the incredibly sobering fact that so many of the editors at Digital First Media (a company with 800 multi-platform products that reach 61 million Americans across 18 states) have had experience covering mass shootings in their own communities.

To cover the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Digital First Media sent 29 reporters and eight photographers from 17 different daily newspapers in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado and Connecticut.  And throughout, the Digital First team on hand had access, advice and assistance from company leaders who’d unfortunately done this before.


3 Reasons Why Twitter was Media MVP at Super Bowl XLVII

03 Feb 2013
Reuters/Max Rossi Reuters/Max Rossi

1) Twitter supplied additional, insightful commentary, and as expected, provided a platform for individual personalities representing major media outlets to shine. The added snarky real-time tweets alongside the live broadcast made it clear that Beyoncé wasn’t the only person on fire. It seems the opportunity for major media companies of having individuals to represent their brand via social media is one that can’t be missed. For example, @piersmorgan proved to be quite entertaining.


2) During the blackout, football, broadcasting stopped but Twitter did not. It wasn’t just the lights that went out, it was the live broadcast. While half of the viewers were wondering if this was an advertisement for the new Batman movie, the other half flocked to Twitter and capitalized on the power outage. As it quickly became clear people were concerned about their safety, some major media outlets tweeted updates about the blackout they were receiving from reporters and hosts they had on the ground. Some even offered a little light humor about the situation, while others may have missed all the Twitter updates during the blackout completely.


Vine App: A New Tool for Visual Reporting Via Twitter – #Gamechanger?

03 Feb 2013


If you’ve been awake at some point in the last couple of weeks, then you have for sure heard through the grapevine about the new free video sharing app from Twitter that hit the scene on January 24th.

Vine, currently only available on the iPhone and iPod touch, allows users to create and share 6-second (or less) videos – full stop.  Brevity is the name of this game, so if you’ve had a difficult time expressing your most profound thoughts and musings in 140 character tweets, then Vine is probably not your next social media tool.

With the Vine app, you can stop and start your recordings at any place, and once you’re done with your creation, it becomes a continuously looping video for you to share. So essentially: a handheld GIF-builder, made available to a currently GIF-hungry population. Except the end result isn’t a GIF*, but an actual video with audio (though there is an app where you can convert your Vines into proper animated GIFs if you so wish).


Reuters Pictures of the Year 2012

28 Jan 2013

From the world stage, to the street corner, Reuters photographers produced over half a million images in 2012, offering unparalleled access and perspective on global events. From this extensive coverage our editors have curated our top pictures and produced this Reuters Pictures of the Year 2012 video showcase, seen by over 40,000 people on YouTube.

Reuters photographers take us behind the scenes of many of these images in this special blog: Reuters Full Focus Best Photos of the Year 2012.

Download the Wider Image app for free to go even deeper into many of these stories. This immersive app, created exclusively for the iPad, reimagines news photography and brings images and information to life.

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