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04 Mar 2015

PeterBohanPeter Bohan was a Reuters journalist for 30 years before becoming Executive Director of Reuters America Service, a product aimed at U.S. newspapers, web sites and broadcasters as an alternative to The Associated Press. Peter – Midwest Bureau Chief at the time – built the service starting in 2010 in tests with Tribune Company, which  became the anchor client for RAST in 2011. Peter spends more time than anyone working with U.S. newspapers to see how Reuters can address their needs.

We asked Peter to blog from time to time to share how it’s going:

Are newspapers doomed? That often seems to be the accepted wisdom these days. But as with most things we take for granted, perhaps it’s worth another look.

Certainly, a lot of the numbers for newspapers don’t paint a picture of health. In much of the past decade or longer, newspapers have lost advertisers and readers in droves to the Internet. Newspaper budgets get vaporized, staff are cut, and the downward spiral only seems to get worse.

We are left with a portrait of the walking dead.

But this corpse may have a pulse yet.

Some recent trends:

• The digital audience delivered by U.S. newspaper web sites in October 2014 reached 166 million unique adult visitors, a 17% increase from a year earlier.


Reuters Photographer Larry Downing selected for Lifetime Achievement Award

23 Feb 2015


White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA) announced last week that it has selected Reuters Senior Photographer Larry Downing to receive its 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional coverage of the White House dating back to 1978 and spanning 6 U.S. presidencies.

We’re honored for Larry to be the first Reuters photographer to win this award.

Larry started covering the White House while Jimmy Carter was president, working for U.P.I. and then Newsweek Magazine before joining Reuters in 1997.

Over the course of his career, his reputation and access has enabled him to document countless historic events and people. As Larry remembers in his Wider Image profile, he was even included in a secret Air Force One trip to Iraq with U.S. President George W. Bush to surprise U.S. combat troops one Thanksgiving.

As Larry has said:

Pictures cannot be recreated. Great photographic moments never repeat themselves.”

Read the full story on our Knowledge Effect blog

Read an interview with Larry on Reuters Best


Looking back at 30 years of Reuters Pictures

19 Feb 2015

To mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Reuters Pictures service, a three part retrospective of iconic images is now available to view on Reuters The Wider Image and license via the Reuters Pictures websiteFor three decades, Reuters photographers have captured images illustrating the human tragedy of natural disaster and war, as well as the fallout of economic events across the continents. They have brought their lenses to bear on sport, culture and show business as well as world political and economic leaders – creating iconic images that are recognized around the world.

lex headshotB&W

Alexia Singh, Editor-In-Charge of the Wider Image Desk, had the daunting task of curating a selection of the best images from an archive of over 7 million images. “Iconic images rise to the surface over the years, you see them again and again in publications around the world and they become fixed in our collective consciousness. On the one hand this makes the job of editing a retrospective of 30 years of Reuters Pictures an easier task. However there are, of course, many more pictures that could have been included in this selection. When the iconic pictures match iconic events they are the obvious choices. But it’s also interesting to include images that stand up purely on the power of their aesthetic.”

“We didn’t set out to tell the story of the last 30 years, we do that every day on the wire, this is more of a look back at our “greatest hits”. We also wanted the photographers perspective on our history so they have been selecting their own iconic images and throughout the year we will releasing some of the photographers choices, on the day they were originally taken, in a kind of ‘On this day in Reuters History’ initiative.”

View the entire selection including behind the scenes text from the photographers Part 1Part 2Part 3

File photo of frantic Kurdish refugees struggling for a loaf of bread during a humanitarian aid distribution for hundreds of thousands of stranded Iraqi-Kurds in the mountains of Isikveren at the Iraqi-Turkish borderReuters Photographer Yannis Behrakis 

At the end of the first Iraq war about 1.5 million Kurds were fleeing in panic trying to escape from forces loyal to Saddam Hussein. About 600,000 of them fled to Turkey but half of them were stranded in the mountains at the Iraqi-Turkish border. (more…)

Announcing the launch of Reuters-TIMA Location Services

11 Feb 2015

Watch a video about Reuters TIMA Location Services

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, and TIMA, a global content service provider, today announced a major new global partnership designed to offer location services including studio facilities and logistical support to broadcasters and online media outlets. Reuters-TIMA Location Services combines Reuters unparalleled global editorial content, seen by over a billion people every day, with TIMA’s cutting-edge technology and considerable experience of service delivery for the international media industry.

The new service, created in response to the increased demand for live content in a shifting media landscape,will form a vast news and editorial network providing every aspect of news gathering facilities and support services. It will combine invaluable local knowledge with strategically placed broadcast and satellite resources in regional hubs. The service will launch at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony on 22nd February 2015, where live positions overlooking the red carpet will be provided to clients.

Watch an interview with Tim Santhouse, Reuters Global Head of Video Products and  Alla Salehian, CEO of TIMA.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will offer experienced production and editorial staff on the ground at key global events, rapid access to events of regional significance, logistical services and dedicated customer support. The service will also give clients access to high-tech live studio facilities around the world, many with stunning city backdrops. (more…)

Reuters-TIMA Greek Elections Diary

11 Feb 2015

IMG_2568Reuters-TIMA Location Services, which officially launched on February 11th, was on the scene for this year’s general elections in Greece. TIMA’s Operations Coordinator, Samuel Perriman, joined the team in Greece and documented his experience over the 4 days on location.

Samuel is in charge of booking and coordinating a range of TV services for international broadcasters worldwide, as well as being involved in planning and coordinating special events coverage, such as the Greek Elections.  From the initial setup to final results, Samuel’s entries give an in-depth look at exactly what is involved when covering an historic event on location.

23 January

Greece is heading to the polls on Sunday 25th January as the country votes in an election that may have wider consequences for the Eurozone. We arrive in Athens a few days early to set up the Reuters-TIMA live facilities.

The live position is located on Syntagma square, right in the heart of Athens, and the balcony position has a great backdrop of the Greek Parliament building. Due to access restrictions, the uplink dish has to be placed on the opposite side of the square, on top of the Reuters building.

This event has been a good opportunity to try out the new fly-away unit. Packed into 15 flight cases, the system is relatively compact and travels easily. With the help of the rest of the crew, Mark, our engineer, quickly sets up the dish as crowds gathered in the square below for a political rally. We’ll be transmitting live from the balcony in HD and SD and also offering tape playouts on the dual path uplink. All that’s left to do is wait for polls to open on Sunday. (more…)

Reuters and Perform partner to syndicate Sports Video News Services

02 Feb 2015

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, and PERFORM, one of the leading digital sports content groups, are proud to announce a long-term global strategic partnership that will see the two companies syndicate and distribute content across their respective platforms.

The ground-breaking alliance will see Reuters sports footage integrated into Omnisport Ready, PERFORM’S digital sports video news service. Omnisport journalists will select several stories per day from Reuters output and voice it in multiple languages – providing Ready customers with world-class footage as the biggest stories break around the world. Reuters content is created by 2,600 journalists in more than 200 locations around the globe, providing unparalleled international and national news coverage with speed, impartiality and insight.

Content will also be available via ePlayer, PERFORM’S market-leading embeddable video player for publishers and Reuters will also have its own non-sports video news channel within ePlayer.


Reuters Pictures of the Year 2014

17 Dec 2014

We would like to pay tribute to our photojournalists for their hard work in 2014, capturing events that made history, changed the world, intrigued, surprised and touched us. From breaking news and social issues, to sports and entertainment, our photographers’ in-depth visual story telling provided additional transparency to our audiences, offering context behind the headlines.

Reuters proudly presents a slideshow of some of the most extraordinary and memorable images taken by our global network of photographers in 2014.

Follow us on Twitter @ReutersPictures to receive regular updates on our best content, photographers blogs and projects.

To license Reuters images, visit http://pictures.reuters.com.

Journalist Spotlight: Joan Biskupic on the Reporting Behind “The Echo Chamber” Series

11 Dec 2014

Joan Biskupic, Legal Affairs Editor-in-ChargeOn Monday, Reuters published an investigative series on “The Echo Chamber,” detailing the small group of lawyers that has outsized influence at the U.S. Supreme Court. The series reported that 66 of the 17,000 lawyers who petitioned the court over a nine year period accounted for 43 percent of the cases the court agreed to hear. About half of these lawyers have worked for the justices and some socialize with them. The examination, by Legal Affairs Editor-in-Charge Joan Biskupic, Enterprise Reporter John Shiffman and Deputy Editor of Data Janet Roberts, was widely covered in the press, including by The Wall Street Journal, Politico, Financial Times, Esquire and SCOTUS Blog, and Joan also appeared on PBS NewsHour to discuss the topic. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Joan, who recently published a biography on Justice Sonia Sotomayor, offers an inside look at the reporting behind the series.

Q. How did you get started on this story?

A. We’d noticed that fewer lawyers, a core group of elite, seemed to be getting more of their clients’ cases heard by America’s court of last resort. We wanted to see if these lawyers and their clients had a disproportionate chance to influence the law of the land.

Q. What types of reporting/sourcing were involved?

A. Janet Roberts, our deputy editor for data, went through more than 10,000 appeals over a nine year period. We looked at oral-argument records going back further. I interviewed the justices and scores of lawyers. John Shiffman, a reporter on our Global Enterprise team, pursued law firms and their power before the court.

Q. What was the hardest part about reporting this story? (more…)

Reuters photographers win big at the Atlanta Photojournalism Awards

20 Nov 2014

Each year, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar hosts an international photography competition that receives content from some of the world’s top photojournalists. The winners were recently announced with Reuters Photographers taking home many of the prizes.

  • 3rd Place Feature – Danish Siddiqui
  • 3rd Place and two honorable mentions Olympics – Phil Noble
  • 1st Place Olympics – Mike Blake
  • 3rd Place Portrait and Personality – Juan Medina
  • 3rd Place Pictorial – David Gray
  • 1st Place Sports Action – Phil Noble

3rd Place Feature – Danish Siddiqui


A woman reacts as she listens to a fortune telling machine at a beach along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai

A woman reacts as she listens to a fortune telling machine at a beach along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India. April 2, 2014.

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