Reuters CEO Andrew Rashbass delivers keynote address at CASBAA

20 Nov 2014

The recent 2014 CASBAA Convention, held in Hong Kong, went “Beyond the Box” to look at the future of the broadcasting industry in the Asia Pacific and around the world. Highlighted by high-profile keynote speakers, In Conversation sessions and panel discussions, industry experts touched upon a slew of important topics including OTT, technology, multichannel networks, advertising, social media, satellite issues and much more.

This year, a stellar roster of guests and speakers came from a broad cross section of industries and across the world with Barry Cupples, Global CEO, Investment, Omnicom Media Group; Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate Entertainment; David Haslingden, CEO, NHNZ; Victor Koo, Chairman and CEO, Youku Tudou; Kim Moses, Co-founder, Sander/Moses Productions and many others providing expert insight and commentary.

Reuters CEO Andrew Rashbass delivered a keynote address at the event, reflecting on his first year in the role and future plans for Reuters TV, an innovative new app that reinvents TV news. You can watch his address and a video about Reuters TV below:


Reuters Stringer Derrick Snyder wins Mo Amin Award

13 Nov 2014

Today at the annual News Xchange conference in Prague, Reuters stringer Derrick Snyder from Monrovia was awarded the 2014 Mo Amin award for his vital coverage of the Ebola crisis. In this video we interviewed Derrick about his work.

The Mohamed Amin Award was established in 1997 in honour of Mohamed Amin, an African cameraman killed in an airline hijacking in 1996. The award recognises outstanding contributions to TV news made by individuals or groups who may not have a high profile or attract extensive publicity.

We recently held a Newsmaker event in New York addressing the Ebola crisis, you can watch the full event here and a film about the epidemic, produced for the event, below.

Return to Hope: NATO’s Journey in Afghanistan – A Client Case Study

30 Oct 2014

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This year marks the end of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan, it’s longest running and most challenging. To mark this occasion they  have created an award winning immersive multimedia experience. We spoke to Chris Riley, Head of the Strategic Communications team and the Principal Editor in the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO.

Inside Agency: Thanks for your time Chris, please tell us about your role at NATO?

Chris: I am responsible for the creation of digital content for NATO that is not explicitly the domain of our press and media service. We publish that content on our website and via other digital channels. We also have NATO Review, which is an online magazine that looks in depth into issues that are relevant to the security community, but not necessarily representative of NATO’s own position. We also get independent experts coming in and giving us their opinions.

IA: Could you tell us about your latest project Return to Hope – NATO’s Journey in Afghanistan, the conception of the project and the editorial process.

Chris: This year marks the end of NATO’s biggest, longest running and most challenging combat mission in Afghanistan. We decided we needed to mark the end of this enormous effort in an appropriate way. We had been discussing how we might be able to do that using a multimedia storytelling format and we engaged an external company to help us, if you like, break out of our own self censorship. We wanted to be as candid as we could about the challenges and the successes and to put things into a broader context. If you look back on NATO’s engagement in Bosnia and bear in mind that conflict finished in 2001, we did not really do anything to mark it digitally. If you look back on our website now, you wouldn’t find very much and now that we have the tools and a bit more know-how, we wanted to try and do something more durable. (more…)

Beyond the Box – Interview with Christopher Slaughter, CEO CASBAA

24 Oct 2014

Christopher SlaughterChristopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA spoke to Reuters Inside Agency in the lead up to their annual conference, held in Hong Kong from 27th October – 30th October 2014. The convention’s theme – Beyond the Box – promises to explore how technology is changing the region’s TV consumption habits.

CASBAA is the association for digital multichannel television, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery across Asia. Could you tell us about your organisation and your role?


As CEO of CASBAA, I lead the Executive team, which is responsible for representing the interests of CASBAA’s 130 member companies across 17 Asian markets.

The mission of CASBAA is to promote the growth of pay TV and video content through industry information, networking exchanges and events while promoting global best practices. The Association is also dedicated to the development of regulatory best practices which assist the interests of both domestic and international participants within the multichannel and communication communities.

CASBAA undertakes a number of initiatives including the pursuit of copyright enforcement, promotion of multichannel TV as a key advertising medium, the promotion of regional technical standards, regulatory roundtables, and educational seminars on the business environment for traditional, electronic media, and telecom companies.

CASBAA works to inform, represent and connect our Members through a variety of platforms. We lead the industry by developing and publishing research and reports on key markets, share news and trends, and communicate with the media and general public. Through our committees and events, we inform our members, and work to create real time connections for this community.

Could you tell us about the current landscape of television and video delivery in Asia?

As of 2014, there are now more than 500 million pay TV households in the Asia Pacific region, making it the world’s largest multichannel video market, in terms of sheer number of subscribers.

That market is characterized by aggressive digitization efforts and increasing adoption of emerging IP technologies. In some markets, however, significant problems with piracy and regulatory barriers inhibit growth. (more…)

Documentary “Terror at the Mall” marks first anniversary of Westgate Mall seige

15 Sep 2014

On September 21, 2013, Al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-linked Somali militant Islamist group, attacked Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in neighboring Kenya. The siege lasted 49 hours, leaving 71 dead and hundreds wounded. Told using hours of previously unseen CCTV video, extensive frames taken by Reuters Photographer Goran Tomasevic and testimony from survivors and rescuers,Terror at the Mall” recalls the horror of the attack, as well as the courage and resilience of ordinary citizens in the face of mass murder. Marking the first anniversary, the harrowing documentary debuts on HBO in the United States on Monday, September 15 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) , on BBC2 in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, September 24 (9:00pm-10:00pm GMT) and on CNN on Friday, September 26, at 9 p.m (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

“Westgate was one place where you meet people of different cultures, different tribes, different religions, different everything. I think that was the most special thing,” says survivor Jasmine Postwalla. Chaos reigned in the early moments of the siege, with frightened shoppers running for their lives. Harveen Sihra, a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the thigh, stomach and foot, recalls the gunman’s words, “The only thing he said was that we are here to kill. You killed our people in Somalia. We normally don’t kill women and children but you kill ours in Somalia and so we are here to take revenge.”

Forty-five minutes after the attack began, the Kenyan security forces remained outside trying to decide how to proceed. A handful of plainclothes police and civilians decided to act, with Goran Tomasevic in tow. (more…)

Q&A with Kathey Battrick, Director of Operations, ITN Source

21 Aug 2014

Kathey Battrick TW242small (2)ITN Source has been Reuters archive video licensing partner since 1998. They recently opened up the Reuters video vaults and discovered a goldmine of rare and unseen archive material and have just completed digitizing 69,000 clips. We spoke to Kathey Battrick, Director of Operations to find out more.

Thanks for your time Kathey. Could you tell us a little about ITN Source?

ITN Source is the footage licensing division of ITN and represents some of the world’s largest and most diverse archive footage libraries across the globe, including Reuters (and its historic newsreel collections), ITV Studios, NBC, Fox News, Fox Movietone, Asian News International and many specialist collections. ITN Source is a gateway to an incredible source of moving imagery, from news to drama, celebrity, comedy, music, wildlife, natural history, entertainment programmes and film, captured over three centuries. The archive is vast, with over 2.8 million clips online and growing at a rate of over 20 hours of digitized content a day. We are an international business, our headquarters in London and main sales offices in New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore.

Could you tell us about your role at ITN Source?

As Director of Operations for ITN Source, I plan, define, develop and lead the operational and technical strategy for the business. This incorporates management of the archiving and cataloging teams and the workflow and infrastructure associated with the Reuters video management services.

How does  ITN Source work with Reuters? (more…)

Reuters Phil Noble wins Barclays Premier League Photographer of the Season

13 Aug 2014

Reuters Photographer Phil Noble has been awarded the Barclays Premier League Photographer of the Season.

English Premier League accredited photographers around the country were invited to submit their best shots from the football season. Portfolios were then shared with a judging panel including:


• Andy Dunn, Chairman of the Football Writers’ Association
• Martin Tyler, Sky Sports football commentator
• Alan Sparrow, UK Picture Editors’ Guild Chairman
• Dave Shopland, Mail on Sunday photographer and last year’s Barclays Photographer of the Season winner

70 photographers entered across the country with 350 photos submitted from websites, national papers and news wires.

Here are some of the winning images. Congratulations Phil!

Liverpool's Suarez celebrates with Skrtel after scoring his side's third goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez celebrates with Martin Skrtel after scoring his side’s third goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester northern England March 16,2014. REUTERS/Phil Noble (more…)

Hackday Insights: How to make the most from online video?

18 Jul 2014


Reuters partnered with the Global Editors Network on two Hackday events this year. Each winning team from the series was invited to the Hackdays Final, ‘The World Cup of Newsroom Innovation’, during the GEN Summit 2014 in Barcelona.  In this post we speak to Josh Boswell from The Times, the overall series winners.

Could you tell us a little bit about your Hack Day team?

We were all in teams of three: a journalist, a developer and a designer. Aendrew Rininsland was the developer in our team. He’s fluent in several server and client side coding languages, but he’s also a pretty darn good ideas man. Eoin Tunstead was our designer. He does more than just make things pretty – he’s got a good eye for UX and UI design too, and when it comes to making straplines for a project he’d give Don Draper a run for his money. Then there’s me. I’d enough coding knowledge to help build the front end, and my other big responsibility was the presentation of the idea. As well as being colleagues on the same desk, we’d worked together in a team of five for the regional hackathon in Dublin. Between the hacking and the whiskeys, I think we cemented a pretty good team, which meant we were all on the same wavelength when it came to the Barcelona hackathon.

How was the Hack Day experience different to your usual working day? (more…)

Hackday Insights: How to make your website stickier and more engaging?

11 Jul 2014


Reuters recently partnered with the Global Editors Network to present a Reuters Hackday in New York. In this post Eric Frederick, Online Managing Editor of The News and Observer of Raleigh, NC spoke to us about their highly commended project and how to make your website stickier and more engaging.

Could you tell us a little bit about your Hackday team?

Our team represented McClatchy Newspapers. The members were Tom Markart, senior design engineer at McClatchy Interactive; Peyton Vaughn, a senior web application developer (more…)

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