For our customers: Reuters examines the world of soccer academies throughout Europe

Soccer's Homegrown TalentThe world of soccer academies is perplexing, occasionally uplifting but also disconcerting, with widely differing approaches to recruitment, education and welfare and hugely contrasting levels of success across Europe’s major leagues.

Reuters reporters have produced a series of in-depth multimedia stories, features and interviews to be issued over the next two days which examine the differing approaches and trends among countries and clubs and address some of the issues and concerns around soccer academies.

This extensive package, which includes video, pictures, and graphics, will have country-by-country overviews of how the academy system works in the major leagues of England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands as well as in-depth interviews with some of the leading figures involved in the development of youth football.

The success or otherwise of the academy system and the challenge of addressing welfare and education issues in an environment where there is such an overwhelming pressure to succeed on the pitch are also addressed in a series of illuminating pieces.

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*The package will be published in two sections, from 0200GMT Thursday March 28 and 0200GMT Friday March 27. ‘Read More’ to check out our detailed advisory schedule below.