Looking back at 30 years of Reuters Pictures

To mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Reuters Pictures service, a three part retrospective of iconic images is now available to view on Reuters The Wider Image and license via the Reuters Pictures websiteFor three decades, Reuters photographers have captured images illustrating the human tragedy of natural disaster and war, as well as the fallout of economic events across the continents. They have brought their lenses to bear on sport, culture and show business as well as world political and economic leaders – creating iconic images that are recognized around the world.

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Alexia Singh, Editor-In-Charge of the Wider Image Desk, had the daunting task of curating a selection of the best images from an archive of over 7 million images. “Iconic images rise to the surface over the years, you see them again and again in publications around the world and they become fixed in our collective consciousness. On the one hand this makes the job of editing a retrospective of 30 years of Reuters Pictures an easier task. However there are, of course, many more pictures that could have been included in this selection. When the iconic pictures match iconic events they are the obvious choices. But it’s also interesting to include images that stand up purely on the power of their aesthetic.”

“We didn’t set out to tell the story of the last 30 years, we do that every day on the wire, this is more of a look back at our “greatest hits”. We also wanted the photographers perspective on our history so they have been selecting their own iconic images and throughout the year we will releasing some of the photographers choices, on the day they were originally taken, in a kind of ‘On this day in Reuters History’ initiative.”

View the entire selection including behind the scenes text from the photographers Part 1Part 2Part 3

File photo of frantic Kurdish refugees struggling for a loaf of bread during a humanitarian aid distribution for hundreds of thousands of stranded Iraqi-Kurds in the mountains of Isikveren at the Iraqi-Turkish borderReuters Photographer Yannis Behrakis 

At the end of the first Iraq war about 1.5 million Kurds were fleeing in panic trying to escape from forces loyal to Saddam Hussein. About 600,000 of them fled to Turkey but half of them were stranded in the mountains at the Iraqi-Turkish border. (more…)

A Look Back on the 10th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

Last week we marked the 10 year anniversary of the U.S. and its allies’ invasion of Iraq, based on the premise that the country was hiding weapons of mass destruction. Despite worldwide protest, 200,000 thousand troops deployed into Iraq in March 2003, following massive airstrikes. For years after, the war raged on – and a decade after U.S. and Western troops swept into Iraq, the country still struggles with a stubborn insurgency, sectarian friction and political instability.

Here’s a look back on this long road embedded within world history:

BEARING WITNESS: Five years of the Iraq War 2003-2008.  Published to mark the 5 year anniversary on March 2008, and produced in collaboration with MediaStorm, this 2009 Emmy nominated multimedia project was dedicated to the 127 journalists killed in the Iraq war. Through five years of conflict a team of 100 Reuters correspondents, photographers, cameramen and support staff strove to bring the world news from the most dangerous country for the press. These are their personal stories – their first-hand experiences and perspectives – bearing witness through half a decade of conflict which has taken the life of seven colleagues.

This multimedia piece combines images, video, audio and interactivity for rich visual storytelling, including:

  • A short introduction to set the scene of five year of war
  • Reflections from journalists who have witnessed each phase of the conflict
  • Interactive visual timeline charting the major events and turning points
  • Map illustrating the factions, security, resources and quality of life across Iraq
  • Data and trends over five years including casualties, troop levels and economics

50 Killed in Bomb Blast in Baghdad on the 10 year anniversary (VIDEO).  On March 19th, 2013, a series of coordinated blasts hit Shi’ite districts across Baghdad and south of the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, killing at least 50 people. Another 160 people or more were wounded, according to hospital officials. Tuesday’s car bombs exploded near a busy Baghdad market, close to the heavily-fortified Green Zone, and in other districts across the city.

Photographer’s notebook: Iraq war (SLIDESHOW). To mark the ten year anniversary, Reuters presented a selection of the most iconic images from our photographers over the course of the war. In this collection of some of Reuters iconic images from the conflict, the photographers provide a personal account of the events they captured. As a generation of war-scarred Iraqis face their country’s future without U.S. involvement, the number of images reaching an international audience will undoubtedly decline. These photographs serve as a testament to the legacy of the decade of U.S. intervention.