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Behind the scenes: U.S. Elections, Hillary Clinton’s HQ

broadcasters-reporting-live-from-inside-hilary-clintons-election-night-hqAhead of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, our team share their 2016 US Elections live broadcast stories.

Months of planning saw Reuters-TIMA Location Services set up broadcast facilities at multiple locations in New York and Washington DC. This gave clients the opportunity to report live from the scene of one of the most important events of 2016.

We had facilities on the roof of our office in Washington DC which overlooks the White House, and sent several teams to New York to broadcast from the key locations as American voters went to the polls.

Tanya Lezaic, Special Events Coordinator
Hillary Clinton’s US election night HQ, New York

After months of planning the wait was finally over, election week was upon us and I was heading to New York to work at the Clinton campaign headquarters in the Javits Center. This was my first US election and needless to say I was quite excited to be part of this historic event.

“This was my first US election and needless to say I was quite excited to be part of this historic event”

The day before the election all hands were on deck to set up the dish and live positions. Of course we were not the only one’s preparing and I took a moment to look around and take in the surroundings. Media from around the world were setting up on the high risers next to us, domestic networks were setting up on a high riser to the left of us and the Clinton campaign staff were rushing round with union workers prepping the venue for the thousands of supporters expected on election night.

Prep was over and the security deadline was fast approaching, our first pre-election lives had to set up outside the venue whilst a security sweep of the building took place. Before we knew it day 1 was finished and US election day was here!

Walking up to the Javits Center the roads were completely closed off to the public with police at every barricade. Security at the center had doubled from the day before and more was still to arrive in the shape of dumper trucks filled with sand. The morning of the elections was the calm before the storm. The live hits started with Canal 11 Mexico, followed by Al Hurra, Antena 3 Spain and N24 Germany. This increased and the lives followed back to back on both live positions.

“Security at the center had doubled from the day before and more was still to arrive in the shape of dumper trucks filled with sand”

A tag team system had been developed with the co-ordinators. I seemed to spend most of the evening meeting clients and escorting them through the maze of broadcasters that had now gathered, and then up the stairs to our positions on the high riser.

All the rushing did not distract from the mood within the Javits Center. Cheers and singing from Clinton supporters seemed to have softened as the first states began to call their results. Walking through the crowds seeing the shock on their faces and then noticing that some had started to leave with tears in their eyes distracted me, but soon a broadcasters question brought me back to the reality and the work that was still ahead, especially as it was only 10pm est.

“Walking through the crowds seeing the shock on their faces and then noticing that some had started to leave with tears in their eyes distracted me”

The team continued to work hard throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning, even a few minor technical issues could not hold back the crew and the never-ending live hits. As the night progressed, and more states were called, it soon became clear that there would be no party at the Javits center.

“As the night progressed, and more states were called, it soon became clear that there would be no party at the Javits center”

It was finally around 02.00am est during a TV3 New Zealand live hit that the chairman of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta arrived on stage to address supporters gathered. Podesta proceeded to thank those gathered and announced that it was time for everyone to go home. His speech was not over and the crowd was already heading towards the exits. For me and the crew this was the light at the end of the tunnel, our last live was being broadcast and the next challenge would be to dismantle the live positions, pack up and move to a new location.

After all the tears and drama the US elections were finally over, the people of America were waking up to a new president, Donald Trump. For the supporters of Clinton the dream was over and for #teamclinton the night was over and sleep was finally on the cards.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will be covering the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration. Find out how to book your live coverage of this historic event.

Author: Tanya Lezaic, Special Events Coordinator

Tales from the trail: Reuters & U.S. newspapers

PeterBohanPeter Bohan was a Reuters journalist for 30 years before becoming Executive Director of Reuters America Service, a product aimed at U.S. newspapers, web sites and broadcasters as an alternative to The Associated Press. Peter – Midwest Bureau Chief at the time – built the service starting in 2010 in tests with Tribune Company, which  became the anchor client for RAST in 2011. Peter spends more time than anyone working with U.S. newspapers to see how Reuters can address their needs.

We asked Peter to blog from time to time to share how it’s going:

Are newspapers doomed? That often seems to be the accepted wisdom these days. But as with most things we take for granted, perhaps it’s worth another look.

Certainly, a lot of the numbers for newspapers don’t paint a picture of health. In much of the past decade or longer, newspapers have lost advertisers and readers in droves to the Internet. Newspaper budgets get vaporized, staff are cut, and the downward spiral only seems to get worse.

We are left with a portrait of the walking dead.

But this corpse may have a pulse yet.

Some recent trends:

• The digital audience delivered by U.S. newspaper web sites in October 2014 reached 166 million unique adult visitors, a 17% increase from a year earlier.


TECH SIDE: So many Categories…So little Time

A woman walks up the cantilever staircase at the Bank of England in London

I wanted to spend a little time with this post and explain a bit about Reuters category codes.  I feel a lot of the time, it is one of the more confusing aspects of ingesting Reuters content. At least…it is to me. You could be reading this and completely disagree; BUT… hey… you’ll find something new here. I promise.

Whether you are looking to utilize the standard ANPA coding or even contemplating something new to really dial down into our content, here’s a quick overview of the category codes within Reuters NewsML G2.

Within our XML, we have subject qcodes detailed below. These are all different variations of category codes that can be used to parse content into your CMS systems or feed via various content applications:


Reuters Best This Week: Egypt, SF Plane Crash, Pentagon Payroll Scandal, & More

REUTERS/Eugene Anthony Rah REUTERS/Eugene Anthony Rah

CONVERSATION STARTER – Reuters was first to report the senior pilot who oversaw the landing by a more junior colleague of the Asiana passenger jet that crashed in San Francisco was on his first flight as a trainer. Lee Jung-min had received his training certificate in June. Meanwhile, the junior pilot, Lee Kang-kuk, had just 43 hours of experience flying the jet and was making his first supervised landing of a Boeing 777 at San Francisco. Also, an image of the disaster was Reuters Photo of the Week. The photo captures the physical scale of the crash and offers a glimpse into the human tragedy involved.

JOURNALIST SPOTLIGHT – On Monday, Reuters exclusively revealed that Congress is delaying a plan to send U.S. weapons to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The story, by Senior National Security Correspondent Mark Hosenball and Correspondent Phil Stewart, reported that Senate and House intelligence committees have expressed reservations behind closed doors about the effort to support the insurgents because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Mark offers an inside look at how they scored the exclusive news.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Reuters video journalists captured tumultuous scenes in Cairo yet again. The top coverage included video of the overthrow of President Mursi and a display by the Egyptian air force over Tahrir Square.

GENERAL -In the days after 72 train cars carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in a scenic lakeside town in Quebec, killing 13 people, Reuters pieced together how the tragedy unfolded. Through interviews with witnesses, fire services and the head of the train company, Reuters revealed how the safety system for the air brakes failed and raised critical questions about whether there was clear communication between the firefighters and the train operator. The Reuters story also explored how the catastrophe could force policymakers across North America to rethink the practice of shipping crude by rail.

From market-moving scoops and exclusive interviews to investigative reports and insightful commentary — Reuters Best is a complimentary newsletter compiling the highest points of our coverage from the week. Subscribe here to receive directly to your inbox every Thursday.

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Connecting with our Thomson Reuters Clients in Israel

Event 2

By Angela Payne, Reuters Account Manager

In Israel last month, Thomson Reuters hosted their annual Summer Party at the Meirhoff Gallery, Tel Aviv.  Included among the 160 guests were Reuters major media clients, as well as financial professionals, both domestic and international.

Every year, Reuters hosts this event to bring our most valued international and local clients together across the industry including Channel 10, Israel News 24, Ha’aretz, YNET, Walla, Israel Hayom & Channel 2, among others. This year’s event proved to be a relaxed and friendly environment, offering canapés, drink and entertainment whilst clients met and networked with others from the media industry.

Why Israel?


Top 5 News Graphics of the Month: Tornadoes, Hacking, Sarin, Earhardt, Yahoo

Check out our top 5 picks of Reuters info-graphics from the month of May. From Syria to the US drone strikes, here are this month’s most newsworthy stories in compelling data visuals.

Click on any image to see a zoomed-in view.

1) Map detailing the outline area and path of the tornado that struck Oklahoma.


 Map of Woolwich in south London, locating site where a British soldier was hacked to death by two men.


Taking a Partnership Approach with Clients: meet Lauren, a Reuters Account Manager

Lauren was welcomed into the Reuters News Agency team about 2 months ago, so  we thought it was the perfect time to sit down with Lauren and get her perspective on her new job, our customers and the industry. 

Reuters Agency: What made you want to transition to a sales/account management role? Why Reuters?

Lauren Kressel: In my old roles, I was responsible for developing business plans and then identifying and growing mutually beneficial strategic licensing partnerships to deliver on such plans. At Reuters, breaking news content is licensed to third parties who leverage the strength of our brand in their publications. I thrive on using strategic thinking in a fast-paced environment, identifying partners where our product can really enhance their business and working with internal teams to continually innovate and bring compelling offerings to market.

When I was looking to make a transition, I knew I wanted to work at another best in class company that has strong brand equity and is trusted by consumers and clients. Reuters made perfect sense for my next move.

RA: What have you found similar or different to your past experiences with the culture of the news organization?

LK: I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at Reuters and see my colleagues truly immersed and passionate about taking a partnership approach with clients, rather than just closing a sale and moving on to the next opportunity. There is a real commitment here, not just to deliver on the promise of providing breaking news right when it takes place, but to communicating with our clients on an ongoing basis. This helps them plan their offering effectively and ensures they have everything they need to deliver to their own customers.


Arab Media Forum: Transitional Phase…Transitional Media


Last week, Reuters attended the 12th Annual Arab Media Forum in Dubai. Launched by the Dubai Press Club in 2001 under the patronage of Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, the event provides a space for dialogue and in-depth discussion of the trends and challenges on the Arab media landscape and around the globe.  This year’s theme, “Arab Media: Transitional Phase…Transitional Media,” featured sessions ranging from “Digital media: Authority without Responsibility” to “Syria…A decade from now!” The local importance of the event is signified by the attendance of HH Sheikh Mohammed himself, as well as being widely covered by regional press and broadcast live on Dubai TV.

Arab Media Forum is attended by media professionals, as well as academic, political and intellectual leaders from the region and beyond. Speakers for each session are handpicked by the Arab Media Forum Committee, and Reuters was delighted to feature our own Samia Nakhoul, Middle East Editor, in “Conventional Media vs. New Media,” the first key session of the event.

From the buzz surrounding the presence of HH Sheikh Mohammed, to the integration of social media, Gemma Mckeown, a Senior Marketing Executive at Reuters, cited the energy in the room as one of the highlights of the event.  In particular, she noted, “…a live Twitter feed displayed at all times which made for a very interactive and highly engaging forum.”

According to Ayman Farekh, Reuters Business Manager of the Middle East & Africa, this event is especially important to Reuters because “attendees of this event are highly representative of our clients, and to be invited into their element and interact with them on the same level is irreplaceable for us.”  Ayman Farekh also acknowledged the importance of the Arab Journalism Award Ceremony at the event, adding that “it is always an honor to celebrate our clients’ hard work and recognize the very best journalism of the year.”

The Launch of Our World Now & A Chance to Win Your Own Copy

own6The sixth volume of the bestselling Reuters Our World Now collector’s series, published by Thames and Hudson, officially launches today internationally and on June 11th in the US.

Reuters photojournalists continually bear witness to events as they happen across the globe. Producing some 1600 images a day, their award-winning work pushes the boundaries of news photography. Sometimes surprising, sometimes devastating, always compelling, the images in this book, taken by 143 photographers of 55 nationalities, encompass the drama and diversity of trends and topics that defined the past year.

With an introduction by Reuters European Editor, Paul Taylor, over 300 striking images and behind-the-scenes Witness features, this highly successful series has become an indispensable record of our times and demonstrates the enduring power of visual storytelling.

Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Vice President of Reuters Pictures and picture editor of the series said: “The Our World Now photography book series has become a collector’s item. This success points to the unparalleled global impact of photography, and to our mission at Reuters of journalistic excellence. In Our World Now 6 our photographers captured new struggle for survival in Europe as well as ongoing street battles in Syria and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. They combined key world moments with intimate details, forming a multi-layered visual story that very few have the privilege to tell.”

Win a copy of Our World Now, volume 6

To celebrate this launch, we are awarding 10 lucky people with their own complimentary copy of Our World Now 6. To enter this contest, please fill out the form here.

Also, watch the video showcasing some of the best images from the book.


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