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Behind the scenes: U.S. Elections, Hillary Clinton’s HQ

broadcasters-reporting-live-from-inside-hilary-clintons-election-night-hqAhead of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, our team share their 2016 US Elections live broadcast stories.

Months of planning saw Reuters-TIMA Location Services set up broadcast facilities at multiple locations in New York and Washington DC. This gave clients the opportunity to report live from the scene of one of the most important events of 2016.

We had facilities on the roof of our office in Washington DC which overlooks the White House, and sent several teams to New York to broadcast from the key locations as American voters went to the polls.

Tanya Lezaic, Special Events Coordinator
Hillary Clinton’s US election night HQ, New York

After months of planning the wait was finally over, election week was upon us and I was heading to New York to work at the Clinton campaign headquarters in the Javits Center. This was my first US election and needless to say I was quite excited to be part of this historic event.

“This was my first US election and needless to say I was quite excited to be part of this historic event”

The day before the election all hands were on deck to set up the dish and live positions. Of course we were not the only one’s preparing and I took a moment to look around and take in the surroundings. Media from around the world were setting up on the high risers next to us, domestic networks were setting up on a high riser to the left of us and the Clinton campaign staff were rushing round with union workers prepping the venue for the thousands of supporters expected on election night.

Prep was over and the security deadline was fast approaching, our first pre-election lives had to set up outside the venue whilst a security sweep of the building took place. Before we knew it day 1 was finished and US election day was here!

Walking up to the Javits Center the roads were completely closed off to the public with police at every barricade. Security at the center had doubled from the day before and more was still to arrive in the shape of dumper trucks filled with sand. The morning of the elections was the calm before the storm. The live hits started with Canal 11 Mexico, followed by Al Hurra, Antena 3 Spain and N24 Germany. This increased and the lives followed back to back on both live positions.

“Security at the center had doubled from the day before and more was still to arrive in the shape of dumper trucks filled with sand”

A tag team system had been developed with the co-ordinators. I seemed to spend most of the evening meeting clients and escorting them through the maze of broadcasters that had now gathered, and then up the stairs to our positions on the high riser.

All the rushing did not distract from the mood within the Javits Center. Cheers and singing from Clinton supporters seemed to have softened as the first states began to call their results. Walking through the crowds seeing the shock on their faces and then noticing that some had started to leave with tears in their eyes distracted me, but soon a broadcasters question brought me back to the reality and the work that was still ahead, especially as it was only 10pm est.

“Walking through the crowds seeing the shock on their faces and then noticing that some had started to leave with tears in their eyes distracted me”

The team continued to work hard throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning, even a few minor technical issues could not hold back the crew and the never-ending live hits. As the night progressed, and more states were called, it soon became clear that there would be no party at the Javits center.

“As the night progressed, and more states were called, it soon became clear that there would be no party at the Javits center”

It was finally around 02.00am est during a TV3 New Zealand live hit that the chairman of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta arrived on stage to address supporters gathered. Podesta proceeded to thank those gathered and announced that it was time for everyone to go home. His speech was not over and the crowd was already heading towards the exits. For me and the crew this was the light at the end of the tunnel, our last live was being broadcast and the next challenge would be to dismantle the live positions, pack up and move to a new location.

After all the tears and drama the US elections were finally over, the people of America were waking up to a new president, Donald Trump. For the supporters of Clinton the dream was over and for #teamclinton the night was over and sleep was finally on the cards.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will be covering the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration. Find out how to book your live coverage of this historic event.

Author: Tanya Lezaic, Special Events Coordinator

Reuters-TIMA on the ground at Euro 2016

Live position at the Paris Fanzoe

As tens of thousands of football fans gathered in Paris for the opening game of the Euro 2016, Reuters-TIMA set up live positions near the Eiffel Tower fan zone and the Stade-de-France to serve clients a month-long football feast. The main football event in Europe is being closely monitored by hundreds of media organisations not only for what happens on the pitch but also due to the heightened security situation in the country.

For the opening day on the 10th of June, Reuters-TIMA had a live position at the entrance of the Paris fan zone from the early hours of morning until the crowds left the area at night. The service also provided Reuters clients with a live feed from inside the fan zone, showing the atmosphere of the crowd gathered for the opening game – France vs Romania. However, for clients who preferred to have the venue of the game as background,  a second live position provided a perfect Stade-de-France backdrop.

For the rest of the tournament, Reuters-TIMA Location Services will be operational in Lyon and Marseille for the semi-finals, and back in Paris for the big final of Euro 2016.

Reuters-TIMA Live position

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Reuters-TIMA Covering the International Conference on Iraq and Syria

The team at Reuters-TIMA were preparing to cover the international conference on the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, due to be held in Paris on Tuesday 2nd June. The last such summit was held in Paris in September 2014 and saw representatives from around 30 countries and international organisations meet to come up with a strategy to combat ISIS group which has seized large parts of Iraq and Syria. Of the 60-plus nations who joined the international coalition against ISIS nine months ago, 24 were to be represented in Paris on Tuesday in the meeting co-chaired by Laurent Fabius, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and John Kerry.

Live position  live in full swing! (2)

However, the Sunday before, doubts were cast as to whether the meeting would still go ahead as it was announced that John Kerry had broken his leg in an cycling accident. It was later confirmed that the meeting would go ahead as planned as Kerry would be attending the meeting remotely via telephone. Reuters-TIMA confirmed plans for deployment, and the engineer and SNG made their way to Paris overnight from Montpellier ready to meet staff from the TIMA Paris office the following day.

Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Anticipating a lot of media interest, we arrive bright and early at the French Ministry of Foreign affairs, otherwise known as the Quai D’Orsay, and are among the first to park and set up our live position. We get an ideal spot in front of the gates of the Quai D’Orsay – indeed, “the early bird catches the worm”!

As the morning goes on, more crews arrive and set up around us. There are reporters from all over the world covering the event – Russia, Germany, Spain, France, the United States, the Middle East among others. The Quai D’Orsay is a hive of activity with ministers coming and going, sirens whirring, horse guards parading… the atmosphere is alive and we are set up in the midst of all the action.

Despite being hindered by the gusty winds threatening to knock over our kit, we get ready for the live with Al Hurra, as a request comes in from Dubai TV for the same time slot. Luckily we have the means to be able to make the necessary adjustments, and work quickly to make our anticipated single path operation a dual path one to accommodate their request. All is well with the HD dual uplink as Al Hurra and Dubai TV take their reporters live for their lunchtime bulletins. (more…)

Reuters-TIMA provides Location Services to over 25 broadcasters across four continents

IMG_0364Since launching in February, Reuters-TIMA has provided global Location Services to over 25 clients across four continents, with CNN, Nippon TV, Euronews and Seven Network among the first broadcasters to use the new service. 

Reuters-TIMA Location Services provides newsgathering facilities and support services on the ground during breaking news stories, most recently the Germanwings crash, the Tunisia museum shooting, border unrest between Saudi Arabia and Yemen as well as migrant boat disasters in the Mediterranean. The service also provides coverage from planned events including the 87th Academy Awards, the recent royal birth of Princess Charlotte, as well as the upcoming UK general election, G7 Summit in Bavaria and Russian Victory Day parade.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services was created in response to the increased demand for live content, combining Reuters’ unparalleled global editorial content, with TIMA’s cutting-edge technology and considerable experience of service delivery for the international media industry. From New York to Moscow and Rio to Singapore, plus a network of Middle Eastern offices, including TIMA’s facilities in Tehran, Reuters-TIMA Location Services has been set up to help broadcasters cover every major world event.

Tim Santhouse, Reuters’ Global Head of Video Products, says: “We’re delighted that such a broad range of broadcasters – large and small, public and commercial – have taken up the service, letting them focus on covering the story while we take care of the operational side, including technical and local knowledge.”

Alla Salehian, CEO of TIMA, says: “With strategically placed broadcast and satellite resources in regional hubs around the world, we’re able to respond quickly to breaking news. Since our partnership launch, the last two months have been exciting and fast-paced, responding to important global stories and working with key broadcasters.”

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