US Elections: Behind the scenes, Donald Trump’s HQ

us elections result live outside hilton mid-town hotel, donald trump's election night hq

Ahead of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, our team share their 2016 US elections broadcast stories.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services set up broadcast facilities at many locations in New York and Washington DC. This gave clients the opportunity to report live from the scene of one of the most important events of 2016: US elections.

As American voters went to the polls, we broadcast from New York and the roof of our office which overlooks the White House.

Chiara Rodriquez
Donald Trump’s US election night HQ, New York

Leaving London on the morning of Nov. 5, 2016, we knew these US elections would be like no other.

Some of the team met in Heathrow for the flight to New York, then made way to different Reuters TIMA locations. We broadcast from Times Square, The Javit Center, and the Hilton Midtown – my location. Mixed emotions of enthusiasm and concern stirred the group.

Organizing the logistics for Elections’ coverage was challenging. Candidates had never left the announcement of their HQs so late, or an accreditation release from a candidate been so mysterious. Never had the world’s media covered an event, anticipated for four years, with limited information.

“Never had the world’s media covered an event, anticipated for four years, with limited information”

The atmosphere at the Trump headquarters was confusing. Most international media were denied accreditation by Trump’s campaign “due to venue size, media space, and safety”. Every media outlet, including Reuters-TIMA, crafted an alternative plan of action to put in place as quickly as possible.

“Most international media were denied accreditation by Trump’s campaign “due to venue size, media space, and safety”

As the majority of the world’s media needed locations to report from,  live positions were created on the street in front of the Hilton Midtown. The NYPD redirected us to the east-side sidewalk on 6th Avenue between 53rd and 52nd street. We set up and were ready to go

Hours passed as we live broadcast back-to-back, alternating clients at our two positions. Despite the limited space, clients and colleagues found a system to get what was needed.

As the evening drew to a close, the atmosphere began to heat up. Anti-Trump protesters and Trump’s supporters filled the street. Both sides careful not to leave the area before vehemently and colourfully expressing their opinions.

“Anti-Trump protesters and Trump’s supporters filled the street. Both sides careful not to leave the area before vehemently and colourfully expressing their opinions.”

We worked straight through the night of our lives, from the first States being called to the winner’s speech. Teams started to de-rig around us and the crowds dissipated as our last hit with TV Tokyo finished.

A quiet morning had started in Manhattan. Taxi drivers were rushing people to work, coffee and bagels in hand. It was as if history hadn’t just been made in the same streets.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will be covering the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration. Find out how to book your live coverage of this historic event.

Author: Chiara Rodriquez

Reuters-TIMA on the ground at Euro 2016

Live position at the Paris Fanzoe

As tens of thousands of football fans gathered in Paris for the opening game of the Euro 2016, Reuters-TIMA set up live positions near the Eiffel Tower fan zone and the Stade-de-France to serve clients a month-long football feast. The main football event in Europe is being closely monitored by hundreds of media organisations not only for what happens on the pitch but also due to the heightened security situation in the country.

For the opening day on the 10th of June, Reuters-TIMA had a live position at the entrance of the Paris fan zone from the early hours of morning until the crowds left the area at night. The service also provided Reuters clients with a live feed from inside the fan zone, showing the atmosphere of the crowd gathered for the opening game – France vs Romania. However, for clients who preferred to have the venue of the game as background,  a second live position provided a perfect Stade-de-France backdrop.

For the rest of the tournament, Reuters-TIMA Location Services will be operational in Lyon and Marseille for the semi-finals, and back in Paris for the big final of Euro 2016.

Reuters-TIMA Live position

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Reuters-TIMA hits the red carpet at the Oscars


Martin Veal not only looks sharp in a tuxedo, he also has the mammoth task of overseeing coverage of special events for Reuters-TIMA Location Services. We asked him to keep a diary detailing our coverage of the Oscars, the inaugural event of our partnership.

Friday February 20th

The eyes of the world will be on Los Angeles this weekend as the 87th Academy Awards take place in Hollywood.  Reuters-TIMA Location Services have landed in California and begun to set up the live facilities on site.  This is the exciting culmination of weeks of careful planning and coordination between the Reuters bureau in Los Angeles, and staff in Washington DC and London from both Reuters and TIMA.

Our base in Hollywood this weekend’s far from glamorous. It’s a trailer sitting in a car park behind the scenes, but it means we have everything we need close at hand. Over the day the parking lot fills up with identical trailers and satellite uplink trucks, as well as catering and bathroom facilities. (more…)

Announcing the launch of Reuters-TIMA Location Services

Watch a video about Reuters TIMA Location Services

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, and TIMA, a global content service provider, today announced a major new global partnership designed to offer location services including studio facilities and logistical support to broadcasters and online media outlets. Reuters-TIMA Location Services combines Reuters unparalleled global editorial content, seen by over a billion people every day, with TIMA’s cutting-edge technology and considerable experience of service delivery for the international media industry.

The new service, created in response to the increased demand for live content in a shifting media landscape,will form a vast news and editorial network providing every aspect of news gathering facilities and support services. It will combine invaluable local knowledge with strategically placed broadcast and satellite resources in regional hubs. The service will launch at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony on 22nd February 2015, where live positions overlooking the red carpet will be provided to clients.

Watch an interview with Tim Santhouse, Reuters Global Head of Video Products and  Alla Salehian, CEO of TIMA.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will offer experienced production and editorial staff on the ground at key global events, rapid access to events of regional significance, logistical services and dedicated customer support. The service will also give clients access to high-tech live studio facilities around the world, many with stunning city backdrops. (more…)

Reuters-TIMA Greek Elections Diary

IMG_2568Reuters-TIMA Location Services, which officially launched on February 11th, was on the scene for this year’s general elections in Greece. TIMA’s Operations Coordinator, Samuel Perriman, joined the team in Greece and documented his experience over the 4 days on location.

Samuel is in charge of booking and coordinating a range of TV services for international broadcasters worldwide, as well as being involved in planning and coordinating special events coverage, such as the Greek Elections.  From the initial setup to final results, Samuel’s entries give an in-depth look at exactly what is involved when covering an historic event on location.

23 January

Greece is heading to the polls on Sunday 25th January as the country votes in an election that may have wider consequences for the Eurozone. We arrive in Athens a few days early to set up the Reuters-TIMA live facilities.

The live position is located on Syntagma square, right in the heart of Athens, and the balcony position has a great backdrop of the Greek Parliament building. Due to access restrictions, the uplink dish has to be placed on the opposite side of the square, on top of the Reuters building.

This event has been a good opportunity to try out the new fly-away unit. Packed into 15 flight cases, the system is relatively compact and travels easily. With the help of the rest of the crew, Mark, our engineer, quickly sets up the dish as crowds gathered in the square below for a political rally. We’ll be transmitting live from the balcony in HD and SD and also offering tape playouts on the dual path uplink. All that’s left to do is wait for polls to open on Sunday. (more…)