Sports Desk Direct

Start Your Engines. Free Content Is Coming With Sports Desk Direct.

Singapore Grand Prix 2015Anyone following Reuters (or anyone who has read the last post) knows that we have been upping our game when it comes to using our know-how and platforms to provide customized editorial and content marketing solutions.

In addition to the launch of Open Media Express, we have now launched a service called Sports Desk Direct aimed at helping sports teams and leagues to reach out to their global fan bases by carrying their content on Reuters platforms.

This weekend will be a great example of what this new service can offer as we deliver the sights and sounds leading up to the Singapore Grand Prix. The race itself is surrounded by a dazzling array of A-List Music Concerts, autograph signings, press conferences, and fan events. Reuters will be delivering photography from these events via Media Express. This content is free for any digital publisher that wants to make use of them for editorial purposes.

You can access the Singapore Grand Prix content here or by clicking on the “Contributors” tab in Media Express.

Singapore Grand Prix 2015Sports Desk Direct has an exciting and diverse lineup of new customers coming online soon, so stay tuned for much more.  If you have any questions at all about the service, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Rob Schack

Global Head of Sports & Strategic Projects